Adam Vida

Words by Kristina Loring


Adam Vida is a first generation American, half Italian, half Senegalese, who's roots run deepest in San Francisco. But his emotionally charged rap lyrics—social critique set to a beat—reverberate beyond his raw testimony of the Bay. Underneath his funny, party-ready anthems is a message from the future on how people can evolve into THURLIANS, a positive incarnation of the post-modern human.


Adam's personal quest for the betterment of self as a citizen of the world has morphed into a movement of which he is the leader: THURL [Think.Hustle.Understand.Really.Live.] His latest project, THURLIAN is more than a mixtape, it’s a manifesto on how to live consciously to the point of building a Utopian Society.

Previous to THURLIAN, the viral success of his debut mixtape After School Special in 2010, and the successors The Book of Adam and the THURL tape got him notable praise on Complex,  Fact Magazine, Hypetrak,  Noisey,  Stereogum, and The Fader, among others.


Vida's genius isn’t just in his musical prowess and agile lyrics, it’s in his ability to make viral videos to accompany his breakthrough projects. Laced with originality and his energetic but unassuming demeanor, Vida’s videos have made the Internet his personal fanboy. Notably, his video shot spontaneously at the riots that followed the San Francisco Giants win of the World Series in 2012 caused a media blitz.


Unrestricted by medium, Vida has taken his transmedia style on tour with Souls of Mischief as part of their 20th anniversary tour,  Roach Gigz’ Bugged Out Tour w/ Iamsu!, and has opened up for an array of artists ranging from E-40 and Too $hort to Andre Nickatina and Wallpaper. Inspired by those before him, Vida has built his own movement in San Francisco, headlining and selling out popular Bay Area venues like Slim’s and Brick & Mortar Music Hall.


Armed with an arsenal of pure passion, ambitions to start a positive zeitgeist, and his ever evolving team of Thurlian’s, Vida’s latest mixtape isn’t just the next party anthem, it’s your introduction to the evolution of THURL.