mission statement


Think critically about everything.  Don't put blind faith into something just because it's been presented to you as truth.  Do your own investigations, use your own objective reasoning, make your own opinions based on your knowledge, good sense and research.


Work hard for the things you want, work hard for the things you need.  Be willing and able to provide for your loved ones and community to ensure their survival and well being.


Keep an open mind.  Accept people for who they are.  Realize that though you may not share the same beliefs or lifestyle as someone else, they still have value as a human being and there is much you can still learn from them.

Really live

Live in the moment.  Don't take your time on earth for granted, treat it preciously by being present as often as possible.  That means not spending all your time dwelling on the past or stressing over the future, but being aware of whats happening WHILE its happening, as a means to learn and grow.