About the project

Words from A-1

"Thurlian" is a compilation of songs I’ve been recording over the past two years that all symbolize different aspects of what it means to be “Thurl”, which is to Think (for oneself), Hustle (for one another), Understand (each other), and Really Live (one’s life to the fullest).  I sourced the production from my favorite producers over the past 2 years, most of which I discovered or was introduced to over Soundcloud.  Producers include Mikos Da Gawd, Woostaar, Mr. Carmack, Sango, Kaytranada, XXYYXX, Ryan Hemsworth, Stwo, and Bear Face.  

We had already started to develop the concept of “Thurl” in 2012 with my last project: “The Thurl Tape”, but I wanted to take it a step further.  My idea is that if one day, modern human beings can finally figure out a way to live peacefully amongst each other, develop clean sustainable methods for gathering energy and food, and can live in perfect harmony with mother earth, we will have entered a new stage in human evolution.  Thurlian would be the name of that new species that we would become, just as Homo-erectus was the name of the stage that came before modern man.  

WooStaar and Mikos were my main collaborators on this project as far as arrangement and concept development.  I recorded all the tracks at my home studio by myself, brought the recordings to Woostaar who mixed and mastered everything and had Mikos weigh heavily on the songs as well as provide the production for the more important tracks on the tape.  

This project was inspired by my experiences while traveling, seeing different parts of the world and realizing that human suffering is a constant struggle everywhere.  Greed, corruption, and injustice are problems that are present no matter where you are in the world.  As someone with a voice and a following, I feel I have the power to influence those who are willing to listen, and therefore I think I'm somewhat obligated to use that voice for good.  I don’t feel like nearly enough song-writers are talking about the issues that human beings are facing on a global scale, in a way that is accessible to folks from all different backgrounds.  A lot of conscious and political music, hip hop especially, has a tendency to be very abrasive and polarizing, where it feels like the emcee is pointing an angry finger at a particular group and blaming them for the worlds problems.  I wanted to make an album with a message of love and unity, that would make people think critically about the state of the world, but not in a way that would make them feel depressed or guilty, but rather hopeful and willing to contribute to the change.  

I hope that people walk away from this project feeling fulfilled, confident and optimistic.  Fulfilled by the quality of the music and the lyrics, confident in themselves and their own life’s potential, and optimistic about the future and what their next steps will be as they try and navigate through the unpredictability of life.  




  1. JAHBAHAI (BEGIN TRANSMISSION) Produced by Tele Fresco & WooStaar
  2. THE PLAN Produced by Mikos Da Gawd 
  3. GOOD PEOPLE Bear//Face "Taste My Sad
  4. SUNDAY LOVE FT COLE - Katranada "Seeu Enni Way" Remix
  5. UNPREDICTABLE -  Mr. Carmack - "Ones"
  6. LOVIN U' FT XIOMARA - Stwo "Lovin U"
  7. THERE I GO - Produced by Mr. Carmack
  8. DOING THE MOST - Produced by Mikos Da Gawd & Left Lane
  10. SUMMERTIME SADNESS - Ryan Hemsworth Remix
  11. THURLIAN - Produced by Mikos Da Gawd
  12. STIRRED IT UP WELL - Produced by ATG
  13. GET REAL - Sango "She Yells"
  14. JAHBAHAI (END TRANSMISSION) Produced by Tele Fresco & WooStaar

All tracks written and recorded by A-1 at his home studio in San Francisco. All vocals mixed and mastered by WooStaar in a blimp.